Hello my name is Andrea. My husband and I are the owner of Andream Boutique. We are a Latina owned business that is all about supporting body positivity, diversity, and culture through our brand. 

For years I've always dreamed of owning my own online boutique. Thanks to the support my husband and a lot of work and sacrifice we were able to make this a dream come true. 

Our mission for my boutique is to have clothes and handmade accessories that reflect every style, and be a true staple to your closet. Our artisanal jewelry is what started it all, we love designing our earrings for our boutique. We have enjoyed so much working alongside these women to create these beautiful master pieces. Purchasing our jewelry helps to continue in creating job opportunities for them and provide for their family.

I want your shopping experience when shopping with us to be as easy as it can be. When receiving a package from Andream Boutique is like receiving a gift you enjoy unboxing every time.